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Research team

Postdoctoral researchers

Forhad Ahmed.Cancer Research H and S Day 4.

Dr Forhad Ahmed

Amit Chandra cropped

Dr Amit Chandra

Tom Chippendale cropped

Dr Thomas Chippendale

Dr Neil Farrow

Katie Glen 300

Dr Katie Glen

Paul Hourd  cropped

Dr Paul Hourd

Oksana Kehoe cropped

Dr Oksana Kehoe

  • Research Fellow and Acting Head of Rheumatology Research Laboratory
  • Keele University and Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital
  • T:+44(0)1691 404149
  • E: Oksana.Kehoe@rjah.nhs.uk
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Deepak Kumar cropped

Dr Deepak Kumar

Alex Lyness cropped

Dr Alex Lyness

Mark McCall

Mark McCall

Peter Mitchell cropped

Dr Peter Mitchell

Andy Picken cropped

Dr Andrew Picken

Back Camera

Dr Qasim Rafiq

Centre for Biological Engineering

Dr Elizabeth Ratcliffe

Yvonne Reinwald cropped

Dr Yvonne Reinwald

Aram Saeed cropped

Dr Aram Saeed

  • Lecturer in Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering (from Aug 2013)
  • The University of East Anglia (from Aug 2013)
  • T: +44(0)1603 592005
  • E: Aram.Saeed@uea.ac.uk
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Lisa White cropped

Dr Lisa White

Ian Wimpenny cropped

Dr Ian Wimpenny

Jing Yang cropped

Dr Jing Yang

Jing Zhang cropped

Dr Jing Zhang

PhD students

Peter Archibald cropped

Peter Archibald

Rebecca Choi cropped

Rebecca Choi

Tom Heathman cropped

Tom Heathman

Husnah Hussein

Tim Morris cropped

Tim Morris

Jim Rose cropped

Jim Rose

David Smith cropped

David Smith

Jamie Thurman-Newell cropped

Jamie Thurman-Newell

Nick Wragg cropped

Nick Wragg